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We can screenprint your artwork onto a wide variety of apparel items. Our customer service representatives can also assist you in finding the right product to meet your need.

• How do I get started?
Select the type of garments you would like from our catalog.
Requesting a catalog is easy. Determine your budget and approximately how many garments you will need. Then bring us, fax or e-mail your idea or logo and our knowledgeable customer service staff will help you go from there.

• How long will it take?
Screen printed jobs are completed in approximately 7-10 working days from start to finish. If you need a rush, please ask. We will let you know when your job can be completed.

• What if I need a rush order?
We pride ourselves on customer service and will do our best to accommodate your needs without a rush charge if goods are needed sooner than the 7-10 working days. Your sales person will help determine if rush charges will be necessary when your order is placed.

• What is the minimum order?
Our minimum order is one piece. Although, printing on one garment my not be cost effective. You may mix garments to receive quantity breaks. (Caps however are a different process and do not apply for quantity breaks and pricing will vary).

• How much will it cost per shirt?
The more shirts you order, the less you pay per piece. For screen printing the cost depends on the number of ink colors used on the garment, the number of imprint locations (front & back), the type of garment and the product. For your initial order, you may have art charges and will pay a screen charge per ink color to be printed. Please remember that a smooth surface will allow a better quality print. If you already have a catalog and price list, simply add the price of your selected garment to the price of printing at the quantity you are ordering. Or, feel free to call for a quote. We can usually quote you right over the phone.

• When do I pay?
Payment in the form of Visa, Mastercard, check or cash is due when you pick up your shirts. For a new order, we require a 25% deposit at the time your order is placed. Terms may be established with an approved credit application.

• What is a screen setup cost?
This is a charge which covers the labor for making the necessary camera shots and/or outputting your files and preparing the initial screens for printing. We use one screen per color. In most cases the prices includes film for our files, however this does not include the cost for additional film copies or actual screens to leave Screen Graphics. For complex artwork there may be additional film charges.

• What is process color printing?
Books are written to answer this question. A brief description is the method for separating multicolor images into four primary colors (yellow, magenta, cyan and black) in an attempt to reproduce the entire rainbow of colors. This is done by printing a series of dots using transparent inks, allowing the colors to blend together. Additional spot colors are often required for bright colors and some images are reproduced better using spot colors. Our art department can help you make the determination about which process will be most cost effective and/or produce the best results! Process color requires special art preparation and we would like to review your artwork before giving a quote on setup or printing.

• What kind of artwork do I need?
We can work from scribbles on a napkin or a fine art painting. If you want to avoid art charges the design needs to be "camera ready". We can give you an estimated on art time required to make your design ready to go on a shirt. If you don't have a logo no problem! Our graphic designers will listen to your ideas to create a graphic for your print job. For more information on "camera ready" specifications and our art services, please refer to the Submit Art section.

• Can I see a completed shirt before Screen Graphics prints them?
For simple jobs, we often proof a color output of your design, a fax or e-mail, or the actual films. If you would like to see the first shirt off the press, this is called a "press proof". A proof is recommended for large orders or complex artwork. The minimum charge for a proof is $5.00 per color. If the time exceeds 1/2 hour we will bill at an hourly rate for press time. Your sales person will help you in scheduling a press proof if desired.

• What are my choices for ink color?
We have a selection of stock colors or you can reference to thousands of Pantone™ colors which are commonly used in the graphics industry. Screen Graphics can use a previously mixed pantone color for a close match at no additional charge. If you require an exact match, we do charge $10.00 per color.

• How do I reorder?
Just give us a call. We keep your films on file and have all your information regarding ink colors, type of garment, and quantity on file for an exact repeat. We only charge a reset fee of $10.00 per color to reprint.

• Why does Screen Graphics charge resets?
Due to the nature of our business, we believe that storing the actual screens does not benefit you. We keep the artwork on film and reset each screen to ensure the best image possible every time your design is printed.



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